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Windows 11. The primary purpose of this announcement was to present Sun Valley, a significant user interface upgrade. As previously stated, a substantial percentage of the UX improvements will be borrowed from the Windows 10X shell, and Windows 10X will not be released. The Windows 11 information leak has begun, as expected.

Windows 11: What’s New

  • Windows 11 23H2 will have a completely new look. Microsoft requires a compelling cause to reverse its previous statements and continue to abandon Windows 10 by issuing a new operating system number. And a brand-new design is ideal for this. The Redmond behemoth has long been working on a revamp for an update codenamed Sun Valley (“Sun Valley”) – allegedly, this was Windows 11. For a long time, the Sun Valley project flashed throughout the network – Microsoft constantly divulged specifics of the new interface style, insiders shared previously unknown information, and famous designers in their circles developed realistic drawings based on all of this material.
  • The pieces of the Start and system will float over the bottom bar. Every current version of Windows’ calling card and face is Start. Not surprisingly, developers will modify it again in Windows 11, but this time not so much in functional terms as in visual terms—the Start window will float above the bottom bar. We must admit that this minor update significantly improves the system’s appearance. According to network reports, Microsoft will not significantly alter the “insides” of this menu; the changes will only affect the look of the window itself. The control panel will also float, and its design will be identical to the “Start” button. The action center and control buttons will be integrated – a similar one has long been utilized in specific other operating systems. Almost all descriptions of this new menu indicate that it will be island-style, with control buttons on one panel, notifications on another, and individual items (such as a player) on another.
  • Right angles will vanish and be replaced by fillets. Insiders and concept designers disagree; some believe Microsoft will stick to its traditions and maintain straight angles, while others believe Microsoft will adopt the fillet trend in 2021. The latter aligns more with the notion of “completely new Windows” – simply hovering menus are insufficient to qualify a new design as genuinely new. Fillets are intended to impact practically every aspect of the system, from context menus and system panels to all program windows. True, concept designers differ on this point; some draw fillets in all available interface elements, while others combine them with right angles.
  • A translucent background with blur will be used throughout. There is some debate on the web over the island method of showing windows, the design of the corners, and the menu’s levitation effect; however, practically everyone agrees on the transparency of the windows. Most leaked images and design renders depict transparency and blur in all windows, including the Start menu and Explorer. Furthermore, these impacts can be found in the assembly of the abandoned Windows 10X operating system, which Microsoft created in parallel with the Sun Valley project for devices with two displays and weak electronics. The use of so-called acrylic transparency suggests new effects when hovering over items, as well as the greater distance between elements – parts of the interface with which the user interacts will undoubtedly get more extensive, and page titles will thicken.
  • A previously displayed new font. Segoe UI Variable font, which has already emerged in Windows 10 Build 21376 for Insiders, will most likely be used in Windows 11. It has the advantage of being suitable for both little and large inscriptions. This separates it from regular typefaces, which are designed to be either small or massive in size. For example, the Segoe UI font, created for 9pt, is presently used in the stable version of Windows 10. It becomes unreadable in more minor characters and expressionless in more extensive inscriptions.
  • Windows 11 will feature new icons, whereas Windows 95 icons will be removed. They are, in fact, still in use today. Microsoft will finally change the icons used throughout the system of Windows. We’re talking about all of the icons in the Shell32 directory. Icons from Windows 95 remain, and Microsoft only recently altered their design in one of the insider assemblies – of course, they will transfer to Windows 11.
  • There will be several functional innovations in Windows 11, but they will all be minor. The impending update’s features are far less well-known than its design. However, because Windows 11 and Windows 10X (the rejected OS for weak and foldable devices, the image of which has leaked to the network) were developed concurrently, all of the latter’s functions will be included in Windows 11. When the camera is in use, for example, Windows 11 will display the matching indicator in the system tray.


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