Firefly AI Support for Adobe Photoshop 24.7

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The Adobe Firefly AI model family was developed by Adobe and is available in the Creative Cloud. It’s a set of neural network tools meant to improve and streamline Adobe’s creative processes. Firefly was trained using a dataset consisting of public domain and openly licensed works as well as photos from Adobe Stock. Adobe guarantees that the final product can be used commercially without fear of violating anyone’s rights to their own work or the work of other companies.

One of Firefly’s primary selling points is the ability to make changes to and create content-aware images without leaving Photoshop. In Firefly, you can use a tool called Generative Fill to make edits to an image while maintaining the original’s perspective, lighting, and aesthetic value. Additionally, the “Generative expansion” feature allows graphics to grow beyond their original confines to completely fill the screen. In this approach, you can quickly and easily generate the required information using only natural language.

Minimum System Requirements
  1. You must have Adobe Photoshop version not lower than 24.7 installed.
  2. You must be authorized in Photoshop (Help -> Login).
  3. You must run the FireflyAI.exe file as administrator with the
    disabled antivirus and wait for the message “Adding Adobe Firefly
    Support Complete. Enjoy!”
How to Install
  1. Install the Adobe Photoshop 2023 version 24.7 or later.
  2. Sign In for the program.
  3. Run FireflyAI.exe as Administrator with disabled Antivirus
    and wait “Adding Adobe Firefly Support Complete”.
  4. Enjoy!
Video Demo

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