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Ashampoo Backup Pro 17 is a user-friendly, yet powerful backup solution that can help you protect your data against viruses, ransomware, and hardware issues. With this software, you can back up single files, entire partitions, or even your entire system to a local drive or online storage provider. The program is lightweight and runs smoothly in the background, so you can continue working on your computer while it is running. If you ever need to restore your backups, the process is simple and straightforward. Additionally, Ashampoo Backup Pro 17 includes a bootable rescue system that allows you to restore your system in case of a major system failure. Overall, Ashampoo Backup Pro 17 takes the worry out of safeguarding your data and gives you peace of mind.

backup Our brand-new real-time backup technology keeps backups current by keeping track of the condition of information in crucial folders. You get to pick the folders! This implies that your files are automatically transferred to a secure location, which undoubtedly eases your concerns about unexpected crashes or system freezes. You no longer need to worry about whether your archives still hold the most recent versions of your files. This is a step closer to finding the ideal backup strategy!

Ashampoo Backup Pro’s cutting-edge emergency boot mechanism has you covered when calamity strikes and your system fails. You can use a DVD or flash drive to start your PC with our Windows-based rescue method. You can quickly restore the system from a backup to get the PC back to normal without reinstalling it entirely. With Ashampoo Backup Pro 17, you can save time and effort while safeguarding your PC and contents.

Support for Bitlocker format
Drives are encrypted by Windows using BitLocker to prevent unauthorized access. This makes it far more difficult for backup software to retrieve the files—and occasionally even impossible. BitLocker-encrypted disks are not only visible by Ashampoo Backup Pro 17, but it can also access them to store file archives. Disks are naturally accessible during regular operation and while booting into the emergency system!

Windows 11 is already in our arsenal! You know, too!
Existing software faces new difficulties with Windows 11. However, Ashampoo® Backup Pro is unaffected. You no longer need to be concerned about data security because our team has worked hard to guarantee full compatibility with Windows 11 from the beginning and in the long run!

Excellent beginning with Ashampoo Backup Pro
From novices to experts in data protection, our solution is effective. We’ve made our backup plans as adaptable as we can because of this. Your data is saved using new templates in a matter of clicks. Do you want to back up just the partition or just your documents? Want to save your browsing history, contacts, or emails? Or do you favor a flexible, adaptable strategy? Even the most complex backup systems can be made in a few clicks. Simple or complex, Ashampoo® Backup Pro makes it simple!

In front of you are your fallback options.
The backup plans overview in Ashampoo Backup Pro has been updated and now neatly arranges all the required data. With just one click, you can inspect, read, and delete your archives and instantly learn everything about past or upcoming backups or restore procedures. Gain the most clarity possible and raise the bar on your backup management!

In support of cloud services with the future in mind
A secure method of backing up your data has always been cloud storage. Along with cloud service providers, we are constantly working to improve our services and storage options: The most recent and safe data transfer techniques are supported by Ashampoo® Backup Pro, thanks to an upgrade! With complete assurance and no automatic slowness, backup to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, OneDrive Business / Office 365, Owncloud, Telekom MagentaCLOUD, Strato, 1&1, and more!

Scrutinize the individual backups.
The updated detailed view gives you complete details about your backups, past and upcoming runs, and storage location. Including more information on the backup kind and the place where the files came from. Even managing numerous backups that are active at once is no longer a challenge. You may even build in-depth reports to get a precise picture of how each of your backup plans is performing. Naturally, you would immediately be notified if something went wrong—for instance if the external hard disk is complete.

The one who saves you when all else fails
All that is left to do is reinstall Windows and all your programs when your computer has a virus, a bad hard drive, or any problem preventing your operating system from booting if you have a backup, though! Ashampoo® Backup Pro will help you save countless hours of work. Using the built-in rescue disk, you can start your computer from a DVD or USB flash drive and restore your system to function correctly. The loss of data is finally over!

The most effective defense against malware
Numerous malware variants are continually posing a threat to your computer. A severe catastrophe could result from a single incorrect click, a security breach in your system, or an infected email. All threats can never be found and eliminated by antivirus software. Experts estimate that 300,000 new threats are produced and disseminated daily. Ransomware attacks that target your wallet in return for file access are particularly prevalent. Do you want to bargain with internet con artists? The only way to ensure complete protection is through backups. Restore the backup when your machine has been compromised and you are clean!

Professional technology for everyone
Our backup solution’s security measures were created with corporate requirements in mind and adhered to the high standards demanded in a professional setting since only the highest standards will adequately safeguard your files! Large enterprises select Ashampoo Backup Pro because experienced system administrators value a dependable backup engine, ongoing file inspection, and strong encryption. Get your PC’s files protected with commercial-grade software!

Updates for Windows shouldn’t be feared!
Every PC must-have updates. Unfortunately, updates may bring security flaws or other problems that lead to data loss. In the worst situation, Windows updates may stop your PC from booting or functioning correctly. “Everything was fine yesterday” moment. Ashampoo® Backup Pro returns your system to the state it was in when everything was flawless! With the knowledge that nothing else might harm your PC, feel free to upgrade to Windows or other programs!

File storage that is portable and flexible
Your backups can be kept on any hard disk, flash drive, network drive, or the cloud via Ashampoo Backup Pro. The enhanced disk imaging feature uses “infinite reverse incremental” technology, which takes up extremely little space while providing the most incredible level of security. The application supports four distinct compression techniques. The best aspect is that Ashampoo® Backup Pro backups take significantly less space than backups from competing programs.

a complete defense, including harddrive inspections
Only a functioning disk can guarantee the security of a backup! To identify potential issues before they arise, Ashampoo® Backup Pro 15 examines the SMART settings of the disks during backup. You now have more time to respond and stop data loss. The application also checks drives and partitions to find and fix particular sectors. Ashampoo® Backup Pro takes care of all your drives, internal or external!

Having no stress on your system
Our answer is quick but also clever. Most backup programs will halt you when you make a fresh backup. Your PC is essentially paralyzed due to the delayed response if any. This is no longer an issue, thanks to Ashampoo® Backup Pro! Your archives will always be up to date, and you won’t even be aware that a backup was made. Backup Pro works tirelessly in the background, assessing the load on your system and only activating when there are sufficient resources. So that while Backup Pro works its magic, you can continue working.

complete transparency with a backup viewer
Backups are usually used to save and restore data, but occasionally you want to peek at them. You can achieve that by using Ashampoo® Backup Pro’s Backup Viewer. Gain access to the archived files without having to restore them. Since the files are opened in a secure location, the original archive cannot be altered or damaged.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System
Windows® 11, Windows® 10 (x64)

Any device that supports the operating systems listed above. Systems with ARM processors are not supported.

Hard Drive Space
500 MB available hard disk space for installation

An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.

Full administrative rights are required to use the program.

How To Install
  1. Run setup and click “Get free activation key”, trial key is required to install the program.
  2. Install Ashampoo Backup Pro.
  3. Exit the app from system tray.
  4. Stop service “ashbackuppb” in task manager.
    • for x64:
      copy dll to “C:\Program Files\Ashampoo\Ashampoo Backup Pro 17\bin\”
    • for x86:
      copy patch to “C:\Program Files\Ashampoo\Ashampoo Backup Pro 17\bin\” and apply it.
  5. Start service “ashbackuppb” in task manager.
  6. Block app with Firewall.
  7. Done.
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